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Literacy Project

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We establish and prepare classrooms to be suitable for receiving our children within a healthy and appropriate environment, and qualified teachers are provided to teach children of different ages on the principles of reading, writing and arithmetic, and this is accompanied by the provision of a specialized literacy curriculum prepared by a professional educational cadre, and for our children to live in distinguished school atmosphere school bags are provided with the necessary stationery for every student

School bags with the necessary stationery


Classroom heating

Establishing a classroom

A child literacy


Literacy class for 25 students

food for Education

Food basket for one month


Food basket for 6 months

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Huda Charity team will work to provide food baskets to families who registered their children in literacy classes monthly from the beginning of the program until its end, according to the monthly statistics issued by the educational classes.

Teacher Training Project

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After selecting qualified and experienced teachers in the designated areas to set up literacy classes, they are invited to attend intensive training on modern teaching methods, educational skills related to dealing with children who drop out of school, as well as skills instilling values, diagnosing psychological conditions, and mitigating their negative effects. This is based on a group of university professors with experience in the educational and psychological fields, where the training lasts for 102 training hours.

For 1 Teacher Training


For 50 Teachers Training

For 10 Teacher Training

School Restoration

School Restoration Share


School renovation

Restoration of health facilities

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Huda Charity staff assesses the damages incurred in the schools that have been bombed. Specialized workshops are contracted to rehabilitate the school in addition to its fence, playgrounds, and health facilities in accordance with the applicable standards in this context, considering that the school is painted in the colors that children want in school and give them a sense of enthusiasm and optimism.


Teaching the Holy Quran

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Upon selecting the locations of the Holy Qur’an circles, where priority is given to re mote areas and random camps where knowledge is missing, educators are selected and trained on the skills of dealing with children who have not previously attended Quran lessons. The program contains an elaborate plan for gradual instillation of values and moral education.

We teach the holy Quran with a way that suits the ages of children, we help them gradually memorize the shortest surahs and understand of the general meanings of the verses.

Distribution of Juz Amma copies

The circle rewards per month


Distribution of the Holy Quran copies

Sponsorship for the Holy Quran Teacher


children Clothes

Winter Coat


Kids Clothing Pack


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The target group of Huda Charity in northern Syria are children who live in difficult conditions in marginalized camps and remote villages, who have been deprived of most of their rights because of the war. Therefore, we are working to provide an integrated and stimulating package for the child to complete his educational journey, included clothing bags.

Student meal

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Huda Charity works to provide ready-made meals through its kitchens located near the literacy classes, which are supervised by a skilled cadre that considers the health and nutritional conditions in the meals provided to children in proportion to their health status.

One Meal

Vocational training

Training a beneficiary for a profession

Professional Scholarship for Trainee

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fasting breakfast

Breakfast for one person


one person Breakfast all month


Group breakfast table for 100 people

Breakfast for family


Family breakfast all month

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