School Restoration


In its report, “Syria: After Eight Years of War,” the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (“ESCWA”) notes that 40% of school infrastructure is paralyzed, “with one out of three schools damaged, destroyed, or used as a shelter. The widespread use of schools as collective shelters for internally displaced people is increasing pressure on education infrastructure.


It is estimated that about 2.5 million children between the ages of five and seventeen do not attend school and face the risk of participating in child labor, and one out of every three children suffers from the physical and psychological effects of displacement that negatively affected on the development and education.

Humanitarian Development Aid Organization works to facilitate children’s access to their right to education by providing an appropriate educational environment by renovating and maintaining schools to be safe and appropriate to contain children.

How do we build children’s future?

Education is our passport to the future because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today (Malcolm X).


For this reason, the Humanitarian Development Aid Organization is harnessing all its efforts to save children from the clutches of ignorance and help them light their way, by targeting children in informal camps and remote villages who are deprived of access to education.


Huda Charity staff assesses the damages incurred in the schools that have been bombed. Specialized workshops are contracted to rehabilitate the school in addition to its fence, playgrounds, and health facilities in accordance with the applicable standards in this context, considering that the school is painted in the colors that children want in school and give them a sense of enthusiasm and optimism.


Performance Monitoring and Evaluation:

Through a committee of specialists, progress is evaluated in preparing the school and its restoration, and matching the achievement with the plan, technical conditions, and standards upon which the contract was made. This is done on a daily and weekly basis to preserve quality and speed of performance.



The presence of the appropriate educational building contributes to encouraging the child to come to school and follow the educational process. The student feels that the school is his second home, with its educational and comprehensive facilities that provide him with learning and entertainment.


How do you contribute to the restoration of a school?

According to the assessments conducted by Huda Charity, the average cost of renovating the school is $10,000, so you can contribute with us by donating to renovate the school in any possible value.


Value Share
25$ School Restoration Share
1000$ Restoration of health facilities
10,000$ School renovation


$ 25.00
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Value Share
25$ School Restoration Share
1000$ Restoration of health facilities
10,000$ School renovation

25$ 1000$ 10,000$

Donation Total: $25.00