Teacher Training Project


Education was greatly affected in northern Syria because of overcrowding and the destruction of schools. On the other hand, the quality of education was affected because of the lack of qualified cadres because of migration. To solve these problems, we strive, through the Teachers Qualification Program, to provide cadres with experience to deal with students and prepare courses to raise the quality of education in Northern Syria to ensure a better future for our children.

Why do we train a teacher?

In countries of conflict, the system of social and moral values is greatly affected because of the absence of the role of the family that is preoccupied with earning a living, as well as dropping out of schools.

Huda Charity works to attract qualified teachers to assign them to literacy classes to teach children who have been out of education for years and may not have had the luck to enter school at all. We are also working to provide specialized and qualified training for teachers before they attend teaching within the illiteracy classes to ensure raising the level of students through the teacher’s ability to detect them and deal with them professionally and to ensure that the student continues in the course until its end, as well as enabling the teacher to instill values and strengthen the moral system.


After selecting qualified and experienced teachers in the designated areas to set up literacy classes, they are invited to attend intensive training on modern teaching methods, educational skills related to dealing with children who drop out of school, as well as skills instilling values, diagnosing psychological conditions, and mitigating their negative effects. This is based on a group of university professors with experience in the educational and psychological fields, where the training lasts for 102 training hours.


At the end of the course, the teacher is subjected to a practical and theoretical test, by following up on his performance and the outcomes of the classes he teaches throughout the education period.


Encouraging students with education, the teacher, and the school by providing a suitable environment with qualified teachers who can deal kindly with children, and high-level educational and value outcomes that guarantee a better future for students and society by creating a conscious and cohesive generation. We are coordinating with the directorates of education to redistribute the teachers who have undergone training and benefit from them in the different camps, villages, and schools, and to nominate other teachers to undergo subsequent training.


How do we contribute to the teacher training to eradicate illiteracy?

You can contribute with us in setting up educational and training programs for teachers by donating:

20$ For 1 Teacher Training
200$ For 10 Teacher Training
1000$ For 50 Teachers Training


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20$ For 1 Teacher Training
200$ For 10 Teacher Training
1000$ For 50 Teachers Training


20$ 200$ 1000$


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