Importance of Education

Importance of Education

          Education is a major component for individuals’ success. It has the power to shape one’s life in the right direction. Education is the process of imparting or acquiring knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment. It not only improves people’s personal lives, but also their society. Thus, the importance of education in life and society cannot be neglected.

Education is a fundamental human right, it’s an empowering right and one of the most powerful tools by which economically and socially marginalized children and adults can raise themselves from poverty and participate perfectly in the society.

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and it’s the key to the society achieving economic wealth, social growth, and political stability. Education gives the power to people; it strengthens democracy by providing citizens with the tools to participate in the governance process.

Because of war a huge segment of the Syrian Society has been deprived from the right to education. Nearly two and a half million children are deprived of their right to education and are in dire need of humanitarian education assistance. Northern Syria is one of the most affected areas in the field of education, and the children of the camps in this region are suffering from a lack of educational resources so far.

The illiteracy rate in that region has become so high and now considered a pivotal issue in northern Syria, as it has social, economic, and political effects that affect the progress of society and impede development processes in all fields, as it is one of the most important and most dangerous problems facing this region.

Today, many humanitarian organizations seek to provide all Educational Support Programs for children in the Northern Syrian Region with the aim of saving them from illiteracy and providing them their right of education. HUDA also had educational contributions and our literacy project was the first of our educational support programs. Educational support program provides developed basic literacy skills; accordingly, every child gains the right of education, development, and an effective participation in society.

This program continued with continuous efforts despite the difficult conditions faced by teachers, especially in camps that suffer from a difficult livelihood and the lack of the simplest necessities of life that any child needs.

We will always strive to aid in the educational and social fields, and we will strive to combat illiteracy and provide all the necessary resources to secure the right to education for every child whose human rights have been deprived.




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