Inclusion of children with special needs in Huda’s education classes

Inclusion of children with special needs in Huda’s education classes

The teacher’s message is not merely about entering the classroom, giving a lesson, and going out acting role that we are accustomed to seeing in films and advertisements. Rather, his role is like Huda Charity teachers who travel distances in an effort to lift children from the clutches of ignorance and illiteracy, so how can that be?

Huda’s educational team works to select teachers within the educational program accurately regarding their competence, initiative, and complete bias towards students, and the presence of a high sense of responsibility towards this group that has lost its childhood and its curtain of protection. We have a selection of teachers who are able to integrate children, into the educational process and maintain their love for it, with dealing with their different behaviors and conditions.

Mr. Khalil works to increase his focus on children with special needs, who represent 6% of Huda Charity students, as he is considered a friend to them because of his closeness and provision of psychological support to them, as well as for not discriminating between students based on gender, color, or social and economic status. And he implements for them different types of activities that make them love learning. Sometimes they write, sometimes they sing, and sometimes they play, in order to achieve harmony and love among the students.

Mr. Khalil tells us: While I was looking around among the children who joined the fifth literacy program in one of the villages of Tal Abyad, north of the city of Raqqa, I saw Munira, the child who hid her smile as a result of the burns that the teapot had left on her face and deprived her of her beautiful smile, which led to Bullying from school friends that ended with the girl dropping out of her studies!

We asked her teacher about her condition, and he told us the story of that teapot from when she was little. We visited Munira and stood beside her. We felt joy flooding her heart. We were afraid that we would cause her harm if we asked her about her condition. We walked together and asked her the reason for her joy. She said: My teacher gave me a beautiful book, and he taught me my mother’s song, which I love very much. My teacher always gives me a chance to participate and asks me to sing a song every day from my book. While Munira tells the story of her joy, her friends came to take her to play in the nearby yard.

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Mr. Khalil, Munira’s teacher, says that she is a distinguished child whose father suffers from polio, and she was burned in the face years ago, and I strive every day to integrate her with her friends so that she will be distinguished in the coming days. She is beginning to feel her presence in the classroom, participating and learning every day.

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