The Pain of Ibrahim Between Residence and Departure

The Pain of Ibrahim Between Residence and Departure


Ibrahim Al-Ali, the Child


The attainment of aspirations is not merely wishful thinking, But this world is seized through persistent endeavors. Nothing is insurmountable for a determined people, When their resolve is supported by steadfast determination.

If the poet Ahmed Shawqi were to see this child, He would say the verses I’ve said when witnessing Ibrahim Al-Ali, Guiding his sheep with his staff, holding his book and Quran with his right hand, Seeking a brighter future in a land exhausted by wars and conflicts.

Our student, Ibrahim, faced educational challenges due to harsh economic and living conditions, As his family had to roam in search of pasture for their sheep amidst the prevailing drought in the Middle East.

Ibrahim works to assist his family in shepherding their sheep, Until their flock fell victim to a mine left from the wars in the region. By the grace of God, Ibrahim survived, but he suffered an injury affecting his speech, Resulting in difficulty articulating words clearly, making him stumble in his reading and writing.

Huda Charitable Organization established an educational class in the area where Ibrahim currently tends to his sheep. He joined the Huda class in the fifth session in the village of Al-Duwayrah, near Ras al-Ain.

From the very first day of joining, it was evident to all the intellectual capacity planted in his mind, Yet, his speech posed a challenge in keeping up with his able-bodied peers.


Ibrahim’s teacher recounts: My first step as a children’s news teacher was to emphasize that this is a trial, And he needs patience and perseverance to restore proper speech. Furthermore, his classmates were urged to avoid bothering or mocking his speech. Day by day, he began achieving his dream of improving his speech and mastering the alphabet.

Today, after six months of the program, I can proudly say, with hope from God, That what was sowed has now come to fruition. His village’s people are now saying, ‘Look at Ibrahim!’ Look at how the teacher and Huda organization managed to educate him, Together overcoming formidable obstacles. This achievement was only possible by the grace and guidance of God.

Thereafter, the efforts of the officials at Huda organization, who tirelessly checked on him during every field visit, Bringing along small gifts and treats, seeking God’s favor and approval, spreading knowledge, eradicating ignorance and illiteracy.


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