Our Programs

The Humanitarian Development Aid Organization- HUDA works to implement emergency and sustainable humanitarian interventions with the aim of saving lives and enhancing the resilience of the population in areas of conflict and calamities.

1.Education Program

The Humanitarian Development Aid Organization works to facilitate children’s access to their right to education through an integrated intervention in remote areas and informal camps, in which we restore the child’s smile and shape his future anew. Education Program is one of our most important programs. We work through the program to target children in different regions to teach them writing, reading and arithmetic operations, in addition to raising awareness among parents of the importance of education and its impact on the future of children, considering those with special needs. The program mainly includes:

Over the years, children have suffered from interruption of education due to a variety of reasons, like frequent displacement, the
Within the framework of our mission to deliver knowledge to every home, we target remote villages and marginalized camps, where
Our teams are working to conduct needs assessments in all areas in North Syria region, especially remote villages, and marginalized
To support the families of the children and motivate and encourage the students, we seek to enjoy an integrated educational
We believe that the teacher is the mainstay of society that educates and directs generations and builds future leaders. Therefore,

2.Food Security and Livelihoods Program

In response to the urgent humanitarian needs of most of the population in Syria and their exposure to food insecurity, where 7.9 million suffer from it, the organization works to provide needy families, especially vulnerable ones, with food baskets and livelihood projects that provide an adequate income for the family based on its expertise in agricultural, livestock and related wealth

Based on the economic and nutritional conditions of the population, HUDA Charity works to provide food baskets and meals according
With the efforts of charitable people, the organization provided food baskets to the students to spare them from work and
In response to the desires of Muslims to carry out religious rituals, such as breaking the fast for fasting people,
The Syrian population in general suffers from the deteriorating economic conditions, which has led to their inability to use their

3.Shelter and Non-food items.

The combination of harsh winter conditions and the deteriorating economic conditions of the residents of northern Syria exacerbated diseases, school
Contributing to provide more dignified and privacy-preserving solutions for the displaced in the camps, we are working on developing and


Many families in northern Syria are exposed to protection risks due to the deterioration of the economic and security conditions in varying degrees, especially what children, women, people with special needs and gender-based violence are exposed to. Therefore, HUDA gives a high priority to deal with these cases and treating protection problems within the framework of her projects and separately, including Raising awareness and enhancing access to services, considering the standards of protection and child protection.

Within the framework of educational processes, we work to monitor cases of children in general and provide appropriate solutions to
Cases of exposure to protection risks are exacerbated by vulnerable groups, especially among women and children. Therefore, we attach importance
As quick solutions to enhance prevention and prevent the exacerbation of cases, HUDA is integrating psychological support activities in all

5.Early recovery

Within the framework of integrated response and durable solutions that seek to improve livelihoods, improve economic conditions for affected people and communities, and reduce dependence on emergency extensions and services, we are working to enhance recovery, by providing various job opportunities, and we focus primarily on the most vulnerable groups such as families of the injured and families headed by a woman.

We work to support experienced and qualified people to establish or expand their existing projects by providing financial grants or
We seek to target young people and heads of families with training projects to develop their skills and abilities in

6.Health Programme

The results of the long war were disastrous for the people of Syria, as it left behind hundreds of thousands of wounded, injured, and sick people. Therefore, Huda Charity seeks to intervene in specific areas to fill the gaps and relieve the pain.

Ten years of devastating war left thousands with various injuries, who became a burden on their families and society. Through