About Our Organization

We Saved 24,366 Children From The Hell Of Ignorance


Providing humanitarian services and distinguished education programs to empower marginalized and vulnerable communities with creative and effective interventions.



Teaching Staff

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Graduates In Schools

Providing humanitarian services and distinguished education programs to enable the affected communities to thrive in creativity and efficiency.



The initiative

The presence of need anywhere is the main motivation for intervention within the organization and the region, Hoda’s team does not wait for any call to intervene to do its work.

the quality

We perform the work in the best possible way within the approved standards, and we constantly evaluate their quality.

Continuous Improvement

We learn from experience and from coordination with different actors and sources, to improve the beneficiary’s experience and strengthen belonging.


We maintain close communication with stakeholders, listen to their opinions and complaints, and respond to them effectively."


- Support communities with humanitarian services for rapid recovery
- Provide the right to education for vulnerable and marginalized groups to protect and empower them.
Contribute to achieving economic and developmental recovery.


- Initiative
- Quality
- Continuous Improvement
- Accountability


- Education as a safeguard for generations and a foundation for peace
- Justice among the different segments and spectra of society.
- Coordination and collaborative work as the basis for success