Education Program

The Humanitarian Development Aid Organization works to facilitate children’s access to their right to education through an integrated intervention in remote areas and informal camps, in which we restore the child’s smile and shape his future anew. Education Program is one of our most important programs. We work through the program to target children in different regions to teach them writing, reading and arithmetic operations, in addition to raising awareness among parents of the importance of education and its impact on the future of children, considering those with special needs. The program mainly includes:

Compensatory and Accelerated Education

Over the years, children have suffered from interruption of education due to a variety of reasons, like frequent displacement, the destruction of schools, the emigration of qualified teachers, and even their having to work to secure their daily livelihood as well as the Covid-19 pandemic, which led many students to delay studies compared to their peers. Through this project, we are setting up compensatory and accelerator education courses to compensate the student for the shortfall he was exposed to.

Creating classrooms

Within the framework of our mission to deliver knowledge to every home, we target remote villages and marginalized camps, where infrastructure of all kinds is lacking. We strive to establish suitable spaces for education by preparing educational tents or classrooms or renovating schools according to the needs of the region.

Literacy Project

Our teams are working to conduct needs assessments in all areas in North Syria region, especially remote villages, and marginalized communities, where they are targeted by constructing or renovating the necessary classrooms and appointing qualified cadres to start education operations according to specialized curricula and under the supervision of educational experts, where the child is graduated through a course that lasts for six Months. We are also working to eradicate illiteracy among young people and adults according to specialized curricula.

School bags and clothes

To support the families of the children and motivate and encourage the students, we seek to enjoy an integrated educational experience, in which the students appear in their school uniform and live in a sound educational environment, so we provide them with the supplies of stationery, bags and school uniforms. Through this project, we are setting up compensatory and accelerator education courses to compensate the student for the shortfall he was exposed to.

Teacher Training Programs

We believe that the teacher is the mainstay of society that educates and directs generations and builds future leaders. Therefore, we aim to subject all teachers to specialized courses to be qualified to teach and supervise children during the educational journey. The training courses include training on the curriculum, teaching methods and methods of effective communication with children and their families.