Food Security and Livelihoods Program

In response to the urgent humanitarian needs of most of the population in Syria and their exposure to food insecurity, where 7.9 million suffer from it, the organization works to provide needy families, especially vulnerable ones, with food baskets and livelihood projects that provide an adequate income for the family based on its expertise in agricultural, livestock and related wealth


Emergency nutritional response

Based on the economic and nutritional conditions of the population, HUDA Charity works to provide food baskets and meals according to Sphere standards, to families that suffer for a certain period until they are included in the sustainability projects.

Food Security Program

With the efforts of charitable people, the organization provided food baskets to the students to spare them from work and not to exploit their livelihood by professionals who take advantage of their weakness, and the distribution of the baskets was an incentive for them to continue their education.

Seasonal projects

In response to the desires of Muslims to carry out religious rituals, such as breaking the fast for fasting people, distributing zakat, and offering sacrifices, and in accordance with the minimum standards for humanitarian interventions, HUDA Charity works to facilitate the implementation of the wishes of Muslims and turn them into reality to help the needs in Northern Syria.

Supporting agricultural and livestock wealth

The Syrian population in general suffers from the deteriorating economic conditions, which has led to their inability to use their expertise in cultivating land and raising livestock, which has significantly affected the local production of crops and livestock. Therefore, HUDA works to provide small loans and agricultural and animal bags to facilitate their work and activities. Through this project, we are setting up compensatory and accelerator education courses to compensate the student for the shortfall he was exposed to.