Many families in northern Syria are exposed to protection risks due to the deterioration of the economic and security conditions in varying degrees, especially what children, women, people with special needs and gender-based violence are exposed to. Therefore, HUDA gives a high priority to deal with these cases and treating protection problems within the framework of her projects and separately, including Raising awareness and enhancing access to services, considering the standards of protection and child protection.


Case management for children

Within the framework of educational processes, we work to monitor cases of children in general and provide appropriate solutions to alleviate their suffering. It works on treating individual cases related to the child or the family to relieve the child and combat cases of child labor, early marriage, and exploitation. Through this project, we are setting up compensatory and accelerator education courses to compensate the student for the shortfall he was exposed to.

Child sponsorship

Cases of exposure to protection risks are exacerbated by vulnerable groups, especially among women and children. Therefore, we attach importance to securing financial guarantees for orphans, widows and injured. These guarantees are linked to the need for children to return to school and to stop child labor.


As quick solutions to enhance prevention and prevent the exacerbation of cases, HUDA is integrating psychological support activities in all its projects through psychologists and supervisors according to well-thought-out plans, and these activities work in an integrated framework with the rest of the protection activities.