Early recovery

Within the framework of integrated response and durable solutions that seek to improve livelihoods, improve economic conditions for affected people and communities, and reduce dependence on emergency extensions and services, we are working to enhance recovery, by providing various job opportunities, and we focus primarily on the most vulnerable groups such as families of the injured and families headed by a woman.


Loans and Grants

We work to support experienced and qualified people to establish or expand their existing projects by providing financial grants or small loans (interest free loans) so that they can develop their financial returns and employ more labor, which achieves economic development in local communities. Through this project, we are setting up compensatory and accelerator education courses to compensate the student for the shortfall he was exposed to.

Vocational training

We seek to target young people and heads of families with training projects to develop their skills and abilities in their fields of specialization, or by adding new skills that enable them to obtain job opportunities or to start their own projects.