Teaching the Holy Quran


Children acquire values and principles in the early years of childhood and consolidate it in adulthood, but the long years of war and the resulting repeated displacement and the loss of parents forcibly, effected on raising children and teaching them morals and values. The situation of living in random camps that do not preserve privacy and a safe lifestyle, also deprived children from schools and education. In addition, children were exposed to the influence of the extremist ideas, which portends a bad future for the region and a generation with no values nor morals.

The Humanitarian Development Aid Organization works to extend a helping hand to the community by re-inculcating the good values and virtuous morals in the hearts of their children through the Holy Qur’an education circles.

Why do we train a teacher?

In countries of conflict, the system of social and moral values is greatly affected because of the absence of the role of the family that is preoccupied with earning a living, as well as dropping out of schools.

Huda Charity, in cooperation with their students, works to establish circles to learn and study the Noble Qur’an in the camps and villages, targeting children of both sexes, where they are taught values and morals to make up for what they missed because of the parents’ absence regardless of reasons.

The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Who calls to guidance will have a reward similar to the rewards of those who follow him, without that detracting from their rewards in the slightest.”


Upon selecting the locations of the Holy Qur’an circles, where priority is given to re mote areas and random camps where knowledge is missing, educators are selected and trained on the skills of dealing with children who have not previously attended Quran lessons. The program contains an elaborate plan for gradual instillation of values and moral education.

We teach the holy Quran with a way that suits the ages of children, we help them gradually memorize the shortest surahs and understand of the general meanings of the verses.



Students undergo assessment tests monthly to assess the level they have reached in memorization and learning, and this is done through oral and written exams.


Protecting the generation from intellectual deviation and enhancing the cohesion and harmony of society and its adherence to noble morals, which would reduce crime and bad habits, and society would not remain a prey for intellectual invasion.

How do we contribute to the rehabilitation of the teacher to eradicate illiteracy?

You can contribute with us to teach the Noble Qur’an by donating to hold Qur’an memorization circles. The circle includes a maximum of 20 students.

You can contribute as below:

50$ Sponsorship for the Holy Quran Teacher
15$ The circle rewards per month
0.5$ Distribution of Juz Amma copies
3.5$ Distribution of the Holy Quran copies


$ 25.00
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50$ Sponsorship for the Holy Quran Teacher
15$ The circle rewards per month
0.5$ Distribution of Juz Amma copies
3.5$ Distribution of the Holy Quran copies


$0.5 $3.5 $15 $50

Donation Total: $25.00