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The war and the deteriorating economic situation drained the savings of families, so they had no choice but to live below the poverty line. They were forced to limit themselves to the necessities of survival. Food has become a top priority but buying clothes and the welfare of children were forgotten.


The proper development of the child requires special attention and the provision of minimum requirements.

Humanitarian Developmental Aid Organization works to provide children with a package of services, including education, food, and clothing bags.


What and how?

The target group of Huda Charity in northern Syria are children who live in difficult conditions in marginalized camps and remote villages, who have been deprived of most of their rights because of the war. Therefore, we are working to provide an integrated and stimulating package for the child to complete his educational journey, included clothing bags.

Clothes Baskets include:


Materials N
Girls’ jeans 1
Girls’ sweater 2
Girls’ pajamas 3
Girls’ boots 4
Girls’ underwear set 5
Boys’ jeans 6
Boys’ sweater 7
Boys’ pajamas 8
Boys’ Underwear set 9
Boys’ boots 10
Socks 11


The provided clothes basket will protect our children from the cold and various weather fluctuations, cold diseases and help them to look elegant.

How can you help?

Contribute with us and donate clothes bags according to the following:


What does the donor get? Value Shares
40$ Kids Clothing Pack
8$ Winter Coat



$ 25.00
Personal Info

What does the donor get? Value Shares
40$ Kids Clothing Pack
8$ Winter Coat



8$ 40$

Donation Total: $25.00