Student meal


Ten years of war were enough to make 90% of Syrians below the poverty line, and 12.4 million suffer from food insecurity, including 1.3 million who suffer from hunger. (According to United Nations statistics)


More than 6.7 million people were displaced, the majority of whom are concentrated in northern Syria and within the random camps, were forced to sell and consume their properties and became unemployed because of the deteriorating economic conditions and the loss of the value of the Syrian pound. Because of this situation many students who dropped out of school were forced to work to provide the necessary food price for them and their families.

Humanitarian Development Aid Organization works on targeting students and their families with meals during the months in which the student attends literacy classes to help them obtain their right to education and improve their physical health.


It is one of the commandments of the Noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “The most beloved of deeds to God is the pleasure that brings him into the hands of a Muslim, or removes his distress, or relieves him.”

Huda Charity works to provide ready-made meals through its kitchens located near the literacy classes, which are supervised by a skilled cadre that considers the health and nutritional conditions in the meals provided to children in proportion to their health status.


Performance Monitoring and Evaluation:

The monitoring team at Huda Charity works to control quality standards in the kitchens designated for preparing students’ meals, by paying attention to the quality of the necessary materials, as well as the cleanliness of the place, the quality of packaging, the degree of flatness and the taste of the meal. The team visited daily.



They said in the old days, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” This is what will be achieved, for our children in literacy classes because of their obtaining the appropriate nutrition that strengthens their bodies and improves their immunity, which activates brain functions and helps them to exert effort in the educational process.


How do you help?

Contribute to providing the child with a complete nutritional meal according to the following:


Value Share
2.25$ One Meal




$ 25.00
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Value Share
2.25$ One Meal



Donation Total: $25.00