Food for education


Ten years of war were enough to make 90% of Syrians under the poverty line, and 12.4 million suffer from food insecurity, including 1.3 million who suffer from it acutely. (According to United Nations’ statistics)

More than 6.7 million people were displaced. The majority are concentrated in Northern Syria and within the random camps. These people were forced to sell or leave their properties and they became unemployed because of the deteriorating economic conditions and the loss of the value of the Syrian pound. They became completely dependent on the aid provided by organizations and philanthropists.

The effects of the war did not stop at this point, as the extreme poverty experienced by Syrian families forced them to an unhealthy life started by reducing the level of food consumption. The number of daily meals eaten by the individual decreased, and the quality of food also decreased, which negatively affected the health of the family, children, and the injured and elderly people. Statistics indicated that 600,000 children suffer from malnutrition, 90,000 suffer from severe malnutrition, and a third of pregnant women suffer from anemia.

According to the Joint Education Need Assessment JENA report, 26% of children left school to work to secure food, as the family spends more than 65% of its income on it.

The Food for Education project aims at distributing food baskets monthly to children who join the educational process within Huda Charity’s literacy classes, and literacy teachers are also supported with these food baskets. The food basket consists of several items that preserve the nutritional integrity of the individual daily. These food baskets will support every family during the period of the child’s attendance at the Literacy course.

How do we support every child’s learning?

On the authority of Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Aas, may God be pleased with them, a man asked the Messenger of God prophet Mohamed, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: Which is the best Islam? He said: “You feed and greet those you know and those you do not know.” (Agreed upon).

Displaced Syrian families living in informal camps are experiencing huge difficulties in their survival because of the deterioration of their economic and health conditions, which as a result have been forced to send their children to work instead of learning. Therefore, the Humanitarian Development Aid Organization works to provide food baskets as a kind of support to those families to help their children attend to school to eradicate the illiteracy.


Huda Charity team will work to provide food baskets to families who registered their children in literacy classes monthly from the beginning of the program until its end, according to the monthly statistics issued by the educational classes.


The project will contribute to improving the nutritional status and ensuring that the child continues with education instead of work.

How do you contribute to food for education?

Donating to such a project will spare a family from sending their children to work and ensure the continuation of children’s education.

Value Share
60$ Food basket for one month
360$ Food basket for 6 months
$ 60.00
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Value Share
60$ Food basket for one month
360$ Food basket for 6 months

60$ 360$

Donation Total: $60.00