the Warmth of Life


Climate change is an issue that occupies the minds of many these days as a result of the occurrence of drought or floods in different places, but what concerns the Syrians is how to obtain a minimum level of warmth to save themselves from death as a result of the severe cold.

The long years of war, which led to the displacement of millions of people several times, the deterioration of the economic situation and inflation that reached unreasonable levels, in addition to the collapse of the value of the local operation, all led to the worsening of the conditions in which the Syrians live.

According to United Nations reports, 75% of Syrians depend on debt for their purchases, as well as following negative lifestyles, such as relying on one meal during the day that does not meet any standards, in addition to most of their spending on this meal! And that 85% of Syrians have insufficient income to meet the minimum basic needs for them, and 5.7 million Syrians also suffer from access to non-food items such as winter clothes, blankets, tent covers and heating materials, which means that these families are at risk to their lives as a result of the severe cold.

The Humanitarian Development Aid Organization works to contribute to providing warmth for thousands of families, especially children who go to educational classes, by providing fuel or winter clothes.


How do we warm them up?

There is no doubt that the warmth of your feelings, good people, is a great support for these vulnerable people, and we believe that you are able to help us by providing winter coats and heating for children in educational classes, as well as providing winter clothing bags and heating materials for the most vulnerable families who have nothing to protect them from the severity of the cold except warm certainty.



Huda Charity works to achieve double benefit through its projects. According to some studies, one of the reasons for children dropping out of school is the extreme cold and lack of warmth. Therefore, we attach importance to achieving warmth for students by distributing a winter coat for each student in Huda’s classes, as well as heating the classroom to ensure the continuity of the child to education.

We are also working on expanding the project to include the families of children, who are classified as among the most vulnerable, in order to protect them as well and protect the children from being sent to work again or collecting firewood to warm the family. The intervention takes place through the distribution of a winter bag that includes blanket and winter clothes, as well as heating materials suitable for the family.



Achieving warmth for the child through the distribution of non-food items helps him to maintain his health from cold diseases and to continue learning to warm his mind and body, as well as keeping the child away from the dangers of work and collecting firewood to provide warmth for the family.

How to reach warmth to the vulnerable?

To provide warmth for different groups of different types, we invite you to contribute with us the following:

The value Share
8$ Student winter coat
30$ Warming up an educational class for a month
50$ Warming up 1 family for a month




$ 8.00
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The value Share
8$ Student winter coat
30$ Warming up an educational class for a month
50$ Warming up 1 family for a month


8$ 30$ 50$

Donation Total: $8.00