Education is available to all ages and groups

In a remote village in northern Syria, we found the child Abd al-Salam and talked with him about his condition, his livelihood, and his family. We were surprised by an interesting conversation that only shocked us, that we are in front of a child who is not more than twelve years old who does the work of men. He wakes up early and prepares his equipment to go out to graze sheep and go on other days to harvest wheat and return at the end of the day exhausted and tired.

We asked him about his school

 but he ignored the question and went on to talk about the importance of work to help his family to earn a living. His family living status is very difficult because of repeated displacement, which has caused them to lose their property and money. The effects of aging were clear on his parents, who were unable to support the family for which Abd al-Salam became responsible to secure incomes.

After our insist on asking, Abd al-Salam replied that he did not have the opportunity to complete his education, as he was happy to enter the school at the age of six, but this joy did not complete for several days when he had to leave it to help his family.  İt was a great shock that Abd al-Salam could not read or write at his age.

We took the hand of Abd al-Salam and told his parents that Huda Charity had opened literacy classes in his village, in which it received children who wanted to learn to read and write at times that matched their working hours.

Here is Abd al-Salam today, despite the burns left by the strong sun on his beautiful skin. He comes every day with determination and passion to learn, feeling words and letters to open a new chapter in his life with titled no illiteracy after today.

It is noteworthy that the Humanitarian Development Aid  Organization -HUDA  has launched three previous literacy programs, the like of which has not been witnessed in the region by a different system, which is the mobile teacher who roams villages and towns in search of students who dropped schools or who do not have a school to raise their educational level and begin the journey of knowledge and light.