Growth and Knowledge

Among the thousands of students who joined the Huda Educational Program in its fifth cycle, you are bound to find all forms of suffering, each with its degrees. This is in a country ravaged by relentless war for years. Despite a relative stabilization in the conditions within the camps and cities of northern Syria, we are still reaping the bitter fruits of war on the health of our children.

The joy of Mohammed’s family upon seeing him grow was incomplete. The treacherous aircrafts assassinated a part of this joy by bombing their house when he was not even three years old. This incident caused him problems that concealed the smiles from his parents. He hasn’t been growing like other children, both physically and behaviorally. His condition doesn’t align with a child at his tender age who should be playing, having fun, and learning new things. Moreover, the child has been refusing to attend school, despite strong encouragement from his parents.

This time, the Huda Educational convoy reached the area where young Mohammed resides. The Huda team met Mohammed and his parents, who shared that Mohammed quickly forgets and cannot retain the lessons or what they teach him. They couldn’t rely on him due to his forgetfulness, a fact reiterated by his grandmother.

A conversation was held between the team, Mohammed himself, and his family, persuading him to join Huda’s classes. When he agreed, a genuine and sweet smile adorned his face, accompanied by a nod. His grandfather shouted with joy and excitement at this historic decision.

Contrary to his family’s expectations, Mohammed joined the class and continued to attend without boredom, complaints, or interruptions, integrating with his new friends and his teacher. The teacher, trained in literacy teacher qualification program, paid special attention to Mohammed, utilizing his experience and skills gained during the training on dealing with children with special needs.

Mohammed’s performance improved, showcasing a distinctive and beautiful handwriting compared to his peers. Despite academic challenges, he could read and write.

At the end of the educational program, Mohammed had become capable of writing and reading with a beautiful handwriting that set him apart from his peers. However, his academic level remained below the average of his friends, prompting the Huda educational team to advise and guide his family to seek a diagnosis and complete his treatment.

As the new cycle began, Mohammed’s grandfather requested to enroll him again in the educational class, as he refused to go to the regular school. He found in Huda’s classes the blend of knowledge, purposeful entertainment, and good role models.”