Teacher’s Experience in Huda Classes

Education is the foundation of nations’ progress and development. Wherever you look in the course of nations, knowledge is an indispensable basis. Hence, this profession has been dear to my heart since the beginning of my journey in life. How could it not be, when you see the tangible impact of success unfolding before your eyes, step by step, day by day? Above all, there is the ultimate goal of pleasing Almighty God.

However, this experience had a different and distinct taste, along with exciting aspects that I would not have experienced had I not joined the Huda Charitable Organization as a literacy teacher. Here, I traverse distances to reach my educational class, which is a tent where children, who have never set foot in a school, perhaps only knowing its name without ever visiting or imagining it, gather. They arrived at the educational tent, arranged themselves, eagerly anticipating learning and knowledge. How can I describe this feeling to you?

Success here has two facets. Firstly, exerting effort within the possible limits despite limited resources, and on the level of utilizing skills to deal with a group of children unlike any we have encountered before. They have not experienced school, their ages vary, and many of them suffer from clear psychological effects. Here lies the other aspect of success: discovering the skills and potentials God has blessed you with, skills and potentials you would not have known about if it weren’t for your work in the literacy program.

Surprisingly, you gain new experience here. Even though in your teaching journey you are accustomed to easily handling questions, here is a new path and a rich experience. Lectures and guidance from the supervisors at the Huda literacy program enriched my experience and honed my skills. I sensed success through a child who didn’t know how to draw the letter ‘Alif’ or hold a pen, but now writes and reads the Quran fluently.”

I witnessed success through an invitation from a mother, as her child read some words and sent them to me via WhatsApp. A father’s joy and gratitude, as his son, who has now learned to read and write, thanked me on his behalf.

I witnessed success through a WhatsApp message after recording a video of a child reciting a prophetic saying and sending it to his family.

Success is in rescuing a child deprived of education, confined to the darkness of ignorance, and opening for them a window of radiant light.

I lived a moment of paradise in the innocent gaze of a child, rejoicing as he read a line, wrote a sentence, or memorized a verse.

I experienced moments of bliss when children chant a poem, expressing love for the Prophet, responding to the call, ‘O mother, if only we had knowledge.’

I felt the weight, the shortcomings towards our children, our religion, and our society if we remain in deep ignorance and utter darkness without taking action.

The story of success is to persist sincerely, patiently, and with renewal in what we have begun.

There are countless success stories, but the first of them is to endure and keep enduring as long as we live.

Thanks, endless thanks, to those who carry the concerns of the nation, tirelessly supporting educational and moral work for this generation deprived of its basic rights.

In conclusion, we beseech the generous God to guide us, accept our efforts, and bless us with a fruitful harvest from the seeds we sow, by His will. He is the Guardian and the Capable, and our last prayer is that all praise is due to God, Lord of all the worlds.