A blind student… Learns with imagination

Huda Charity Classes used to receive children in every new session, during which the students go through the experience of learning, follow-up, and persistence, during which they go through various obstacles that they overcome with their persistence and with the support of their teachers who are keen to provide education as a basic right of the child and provide him with psychological support directly and collectively to help him overcome the difficulties.

There were children with physical harm that led to a deformity or disability in the foot or hand, and some of them were of a different age than their peers in the class, but this time the strange case was a blind child insisting on learning, so who is she and what does she want?

She walks in perpetual darkness, and if the sun were in the middle of the sky and radiated as far as possible, our child would not see the light with those weak eyes, but two and a half months ago she saw the light of HUDA with her beautiful heart.

Salwa, the child who lost her sight, did not stop from joining the literacy classes in the fifth program, so she was the first to arrive in the classes of Al-Huda, accompanied by her friend Maryam, who took it upon herself to deliver her to the class every day and then bring her home. Salwa is like other Syrian birds that dream of growing up and fly towards their goals, but today her dream is to see the letters of her name on the board, as she hears them every day from her teacher, Mr. Youssef, who does not skimp on giving her anything and who helps her imagine how to write the name as a result of the current lack of experience using the Braille language.

Mr. Youssef Abdel Latif says that the possibility of restoring Salwa’s sight exists. She has medical analysis to prove that, but an operation for her eyes is somehow costlyand her family is poor and cannot pay the amount allocated for her operation. Mr. Abdul Latif confirmed that Salwa is one of the distinguished students in the class, and what makes him cry the most is when she asks him how the letter S, the first letter of her name, looks like, but he cannot answer her. Salwa lives in the village of Al-Rawiya, about 30 kilometers east of the city of Ras Al-Ain, and it is a simple village whose people work in Livestock raising and agriculture, and the region in general suffers from illiteracy because of extreme poverty and the lack of interest of many people in education because of the high costs for them or the distance of schools from their homes.  Huda Charity was able to reach that village and open classes of the fifth literacy program in the 10th month of 2022, during which stationery was provided and teachers were provided to follow up on the children.

Huda Charity is still striving hard to facilitate access to education as a basic right of the child stipulated in international laws, as well as to achieve psychological well-being for children in northwestern Syria, who have been deprived of their childhood by the war.